Happy Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram

Happy Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram

     I get to experience yet another Spring Festival in China, as an onlooker. Haven’t really celebrated it the complete Chinese way. Although, after asking my Chinese friends how they (过年 )celebrate NYE, it rather sounds like my trips back home – filial duties, endless visiting, gluttony, and empty pockets. Well, my trips home are way better but those are part of it. The modern urban Chinese don’t seem to have much going for them on their special festival.
     Not to feel sorry about that though, my school hosted a spanking good banquet. Long tables of decorated food. Sadly, the actual taste of it didn’t do much justice to the grandeur. Who cares though? They made for good Instagram posts , yay!

They did put up a very nice photo-stage that had a monument of parsley-garnished mashed potatoes with impressive radish (?) carvings. And the goldfish were real!



The fireworks are cracking my ears. Oh, that’s not a problem, I’m Indian and noisy is my bedtime blanky.

春节快乐大家 or Happy Spring Festival everybody!


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