Vanilla Vodka – The Experiment

Vanilla Vodka – The Experiment

This was an experiment and as you and me know, some experiments turn out better than expected while others barely pass the mark. This fell into the latter category. Vanilla is a much used ingredient in my kitchen, it’s up there on my Vital list, right next to cinnamon, Italian seasoning and garlic. Since it’s expensive and hard to find here, I decided to make some myself because I had a packet of best-quality (18-20 cms) vanilla all the way from Madagascar (perks of having international classmates).  Rum isn’t easily available here and I thought, a good substitute would be vodka. Both being white, and me not into hard liquor< just liqueurs for me please> assumed they were pretty much the same thing. Interesting fact when I Wiki-ed ‘rum’

       ‘development of fermented drinks produced from sugarcane juice is believed to have first occurred either in ancient India or in China, and to have spread from there’  

Can’t trust that because Wikipedia has a lot of rubbish information.

So, moving on, I got vodka for a decent price at Metro (our source of luxury here, we get real butter there ! ) .   

Two days ago (i waited 11 months instead of the required 2 months) , I checked on the bottle in all anticipation 

             *pause, let’s mentally groove to ‘I like to move it , move it, I like to MoVE it! * 

and was thoroughly disappointed. There was a distinct whiff of vanilla, but it wasn’t ‘essence-y’ enough (I make-up words to support emotions, that’s allowed right, artistic freedom and all? ) . The sadness was worth a bottle of vodka and more expensively so, all my vanilla beans (assumed that more would give me a stronger flavor, did not save any…sob!). 

Click on the link below to see how the vanilla essence was made, you can go ahead and try it but use rum NOT vodka.

              How to Make Vanilla Essence at Home  (Step-by-step ) 

The idea of this post was to say, DON’T substitute ingredients if you don’t have enough of it to spare or if you are attached to them so much that you really want to make good use of it. Experimental substitutes have a high percentile of FAIL unless someone else has proven it.  

I have made good use of the flavored alcohol and will put it up in a recipe sometime later. 


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