me. 我.

photo 2my confessions and other things… 
                                  …mostly other things. 

I am zilch without my Creator. In Him I live, I move, I groove, and have my being. 
married to my favorite man in the whole wide world
second language changes according to where I am
currently it’s mandarin
I’ve googled culture-confused indian and did not find any relevant pages
big feet as far as the Chinese market is concerned
numerically challenged
extrovert borderline introvert
a new convert to foodism
chap stick-addict

        a teeny-tiny list of what makes me go la-di-da-di-da

words. music. art
ribbons ,fabrics, buttons
paper & stationary – lots of it!
originality with a dash of querkiness 
the smell of new books, wet earth, grilled cheese, pine, bread, bacon, biryani
discovering hacks
people & culture & all that goes with it
British period drama
randomness & funniness
the word ‘serendipity’                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

 The Big Q : Why a blog? Why this blog? Do I really have time for this ?


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