Why 1 : Peer pressure i.e., everybody’s doing it so why not?

Why 2 : India has the second largest population in the world. There ought to be enough people    interested in the life of an Indian living in China.

Why 3 :  To keep an online record of desultory stuff.

Why 4 :  Sharing is caring (*corny smile) , seriously, there’s so much out there that needs to be distributed – smart tips, recipes, how to Go Green, the meaning of life, … you get the drift.

Why 5: I really, really #really, enjoy writing, or at least the idea of me writing. My claim to fame is the story I wrote when I was 9 and thought that I would go chasing my (ever-changing) dreams and write a book of sorts. That obviously didn’t happen. After dreaming most dreams, I, at the tender age of Laziness, have decided to get off my virtual couch and start doing something about it.


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